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Why a Focus on Primary Care is the Future of Healthcare

By Addie Roberts

February 14th, 2020

Last updated: February 14th, 2020

The future of healthcare is often associated with breakthrough technology, data and access, but the silver bullet to a long and healthy life is found with a primary care physician. A Primary Care Physician (PCP), formerly known as a General Practitioner, is a physician who provides first contact for a patient with an undiagnosed health concern as well as continued care for varied medical conditions after diagnosis.

A recent research study by Stanford University found that primary care physicians are essential in prolonging patient lives, the health outcome many are striving to achieve. But how can a primary physician help patients live longer, healthier lives? At WellHealth, we believe the patient/primary care physician relationship hinges on three tenets: Access, Technology & Personalization. 


All our patients are members and are treated as such (without the membership or concierge fee often associated with this type of offering). Whether it is your first visit or twentieth, we strive to conduct ourselves in a manner that exhibits the patient experience you deserve.

In the Stanford Study, researchers concluded that an additional 10 primary care physicians in a population of 100,000 people increased life expectancy by 51 days compared to the average. Access to primary care physicians literally helps people live longer. But there are often many barriers to the best care for patients, location, hours of operation, insurance, etc. are all ways access can be difficult. 

WellHealth has solved for this.

The sheer amount of low acuity services we offer our members and train all our Providers on, increases access of our members to PCP, chronic care management, allergy testing, immunotherapy, nutrition consultation, medical weight loss, most urgent care needs, etc. These specialities have been curated within our primary care setting, work seamlessly, and ensure overall better patient outcomes.  We want to afford our members an opportunity to come in before and after work. This is why we offer longer hours and take walk-ins daily. We are open weekends.  Many of our members utilize our telemedicine portal. Instead of talking to a stranger, you will be put directly in touch with your care team.  WellHealth enters member data in an electronic medical file and uses a proprietary algorithm to ensure patient touchpoints are easily accessible, even in emergency situations. 

By removing the barriers to great care, WellHealth gives patients peace of mind that they have a true partner in their health journey. WellHealth is ensuring access by bringing the latest healthcare innovation to patients in a local primary care environment, and changing the patient relationship through breakthrough technological care and customer-obsessed service. 


The average consumer will spend nearly 4 hours on a mobile device in 2020, and patients expect their health experience to evolve with their day-to-day tech experience. That’s why WellHealth has invested heavily in presenting patients with a technological experience that is on par with the best in healthcare, while over-delivering on patient service to ensure patients feel confident using the online medical records and telemedicine as a part of their health journey. 

The best Primary Care Providers are made up of primary care teams, to ensure that the patient is engaged with their health plan when they’re not in clinic, so they can make more progress when they are in clinic. These teams are commonly comprised of physicians, nurse practitioners, medical asssistants (who we call healthcare navigators), patient access staff and patient care associates. WellHealth’s investment in technology brings the entire team to you, when you need them, and where you need them. 


It is important for Primary Care Physicians to know who their patients are, and be able to design a health plan for them that fits their lifestyle. At WellHealth, patient care is not a one-size-fits-all solution, each patient’s care team personalizes a care plan based on genes, blood work, medical and weight history to find nutrition, exercise, and medication plans that work for the patient for a better long-term health outcome. 

WellHealth has selected one of the most advanced laboratories in the country for our members to do expansive baseline blood testing. This laboratory also, at the end of the report, gives a 2-4 page report on our member about the various findings- if any. Wellhealth subsequently takes the time to sit down and discuss our members results with the laboratory and their medical director in the pursuit of the best preventative and medical intervention care in D/FW. 

Furthermore, WellHealth has assembled a team of non-practicing physicians, our Physician Advisory Board, made up of both primary care physician and a whole host of specialities that review our member’s care plan to make the best possible recommendations. 

Our full team of experts is at your disposal to create a health plan that fits your life, because it’s your health we’re focused on. These personalized services could include: primary care, preventative care, Women’s and Men’s health, sports medicine, advanced diagnostics and screening, genetics and genetic counseling, chronic conditions, medical weight loss, IV therapy or allergy care. Our services were designed with our patients in mind, and our plans are build to meet them wherever they are in their health journey. 

The future of healthcare is here, and WellHealth is leading the way in Dallas-Fort Worth via accessible clinics, breakthrough technology, and patient personalization. To find a clinic near you, visit us at or contact us via our Facebook and Instagram pages.  


By Addie Roberts