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10 Tips For A Healthy Decade of Healthcare

By Addie Roberts

February 14th, 2020

Last updated: February 14th, 2020

2020 is here! Though we're still waiting on flying cars advancements in healthcare have been seen in all areas especially in primary care as it relates to overall health and wellness. Our WellHealth providers have compiled this list of health and wellness tips they've clinically researched and advised patients on to make sure your next decade is as healthy, if not healthier, than your last one.


Number one on our list is to hydrate. This great advice has been consistent for the last decade and continues for this decade. Water is the substrate for all the reactions in your body. Water is important for muscle growth, weight loss, and regeneration. Water keeps your cells healthy and happy. Continue to stay hydrated this new decade.

Eat with purpose

Number two on our list is to eat with purpose. Eating behavior is more important than exercise for sustained weight loss. WellHealth has partnered with Enara Health to bring you the best medical weight loss program available. This program is focused on understanding why you eat in addition to what you eat for sustained and consistent weight loss.

Be proactive not reactive with your health.

Number three is a more proactive approach to healthcare adopted by WellHealth called functional medicine. We've been conditioned to only go to the doctor when we are in pain or discomfort or we realize something is wrong. Many of today’s health problems are caused by any imbalance that occurs in the body. The goal at WellHealth is to find these imbalances and optimize health. Being proactive by having recurring tests and viewing your primary care physician as a partner and coach will be an important part of establishing the foundations for a healthy decade.

Regenerate what degenerates

Number four is regenerate what degenerates. Utilize cutting edge advanced regenerative medicine for joints, nerves, hair, and skin as more procedures and treatments become mainstream.

New hormones for a new you

Number five is focused on the importance of hormones and hormone therapy. Hormones are like messengers in your body whose role he role is to travel all over the body performing different functions, such as helping bones to grow and helping the body make more blood cells. Optimize your hormones for optimal wellness. A comprehensive blood panel will allow your WellHealth provider to build a treatment plan focused on your hormonal needs.

Exercise your psyche

Number six is important for your overall well-being. Wellness includes mental as well as physical health. Learn to exercise your psyche and treat any mental health illnesses with trained professionals and dedicated mental health exercises.

Own your health

Number seven is a symptom of the ever-changing healthcare environment. Changing payment models means more pressure on the medical system to show quality which may impact your visit. Will your providers still treat you in the future with the insurance you have? Insurance companies are shifting the burden of wellness onto your doctor which ultimately means the burden is transferred to you. WellHealth strives to offer the best healthcare that's right for you. Be sure to discuss your treatment and financial burden with your WellHealth provider.

Track your healthcare

Number eight involves new technology and the ability to track your overall health and wellness on a second by second basis. As technology advances, use wearable medical devices to assist in achieving wellness. This also means there will many new medical-tech companies trying to sell you the latest and greatest. WellHealth providers take the time to learn new technologies to be able to prescribe the right solutions for you.

Disconnect from Dr. Google

Googling our health is normal and second nature. We strongly urge you to take everything you read with a grain of salt as the majority of articles are very general and may not apply to your situation. Your primary care doctor is your partner and advocate and will work with you to understand your body, your needs, and your health and wellness goals. They will guide you through the hype of #2-8.

Spread the love of health

Wellness is personal but impacts the entire family. It's never too late to get your parents, your spouse, kids, and friends on the path to health and wellness. WellHealth offers precision primary care for the entire family.

Discuss these tips with your WellHealth provider during your next visit. Our goal is to help you become and stay healthy in the new decade and beyond.

By Addie Roberts