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Be, Feel, and Live Your Best

Each person is different and requires a unique approach to their overall health and wellness. Wellhealth has built precise, proactive, and personalized programs to treat the whole you.

Precision Diagnostics

Every program begins with advanced comprehensive diagnostics to give an in-depth baseline of your body’s key function markers, ranging from cardiovascular, hormone, metabolic, vitamin, immunology and more.

Personalized Treatment

We are interested in your health journey. Our approach, experience, and services are to cover your needs so that you leave our office feeling better than you came in.

Advanced Technology

Medical technology means a few things for you: more accurate results, faster turn around times, and an experience at your doctors office that you can look forward to.


Allergies are more than sneezing, itching, or watery eyes. They are a hypersensitivity of the immune system, causing allergic reactions with varying degrees of severity. The allergy may cause your immune system to become over-activated and over time take the immune system in the wrong direction, towards asthma or even autoimmune disease, and other downstream issues.

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Mental Health

We provide patients with a personalized, effective, and evidence-based treatment plan to help them achieve the best possible outcomes. We treat the full spectrum of psychiatric and related behavioral health issues, including depression, anxiety, ADHD, mood disorders, substance abuse, and more.

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A healthy heart is pivotal to your overall health- so we screen accordingly. By supplying oxygen and nutrients to organs and tissues, your heart works hard every day at sustaining life.

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Chronic Conditions

Our precision protocols help you manage conditions such as diabetes, chronic pain, asthma, and others, with a focus on long term management. We can help you identify your options for living with your chronic condition.

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A hormone imbalance can adversely impact your body in so many ways. If you are diagnosed with a hormone imbalance, low thyroid, or another condition during our health assessment, we design a personalized hormone treatment plan that fits within your overall healthcare journey.

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Sports Performance

For athletes, aspiring athletes, or those looking to stay fit, our sports performance program is designed to help you achieve optimal performance. We can help put you on a program that works for your body and your goals.

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I.V. Therapeutics

Personalized IV therapy for immune boosting, recovery, performance, and aesthetics based needs.

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Wellness & Prevention

Being proactive in your healthcare is the best way to stay healthy. Consistent engagement with your care team with recurring precision diagnostics will help you achieve sustainable wellness.

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Weight Loss

A more human weight loss program. May factors impact a person';s ability to lose weight such as lifestyle and behaviors, genetic predisposition, and the environment around them. Wellhealth has partnered with Enara health to bring you the most advanced weight loss program in the country. Enara is customized for each individual, taking into account what and why you eat, your physical activity and overall lifestyle.

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Sleep Medicine

Trouble sleeping? Loud snoring. Chronic fatigue. Strange leg sensations. Falling asleep suddenly during the day. Insomnia. These symptoms could indicate a sleep disorder and can cause ongoing fatigue and other long-term, downstream health problems.

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