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How IV Therapy Can Help with Work Stress

By Dr. Abdul Ahad Hayee

February 5th, 2021

Last updated: February 5th, 2021

The effects of COVID-19 have been substantial – but as we have all adapted to this new normal, when was the last time you checked in with yourself? Professionals across the country are reporting feeling more isolated and anxious as they continue to work remotely. Professionals need better mental health support – and WellHealth Personalized IV Therapy is the perfect place to start.

Effect of COVID-19 on Working Professionals

COVID-19 has changed so much of our day to day lives, from the way we work, to the way we interact with friends and family, to the way we perceive the world and our communities. And although the threat of COVID will eventually fade, the way that we as a society have adapted will not.

Looking specifically at workplace changes due to COVID, the shift to working from home has not been easy on everyone. According to Mental Health America, professionals across disciplines and throughout the country are reporting feeling more isolated, lonely, and anxious as they continue to either work remotely or face the risks of the pandemic in their job functions. For example,The heightened stress associated with these work changes, in addition to the stressors of COVID can have tangible side effects.

Prolonged stress has been proven to cause physical symptoms such as indigestion, exhaustion, headaches, inactivity, lack of motivation or focus, and more (Cleveland Clinic). Workplace changes in addition to Covid related anxiety have researchers and WellHealth monitoring these mental health trends, and are encouraging those experiencing related symptoms to take steps to actively manage their stress. And so, as we continue to face these challenges, the question is: how can working Americans take those steps to actively combat chronic stress and thus, improve their quality of life?

Research on Mental Health in 2020 amongst American workers

Researchers are constantly learning more and more about how COVID-19 has affected our daily lives. One of the overarching trends is that mental health is worsening across demographics. Mental Health America has found that more and more adults are screening for anxiety and depression, with a 93% increase in anxiety screenings and a 63% increase in depression screenings, and those screening are struggling the most with isolation and loneliness. Professionals are searching for ways to cope with the sudden inactivity and unpredictability that comes with the COVID shutdowns, and are finding difficulties in maintaining their concentration, motivation, and mood stability.

Furthermore, in tandem with the worsening mental health crisis has been a growth in reported stress and stress related illness with 67% of adults admitting that they have experienced increased stress over the course of the pandemic, according to the American Psychological Association. Additionally, 91% of professionals working from home reported feeling heightened stress, and 43% of employees have become physically ill from work related stress according to Ginger, a mental health company. As studies have seen these increases however, they have seen no increase in those looking to get help. Thus, it is more important now than ever to stay in touch with your needs and take steps to incorporate self-care and wellness into your routine.

One well-known and loved stress treatment in the wellness space is personalized IV therapy. A quick 45-minute infusion can keep you happy, healthy, and ready to take on the stressors of your day-to-day life by directly and efficiently supplementing your body with critical vitamins and minerals. WellHealth offers a variety of doctor-administered IV drips – each specifically formulated to address your specific needs.

What is IV Therapy

IV Therapy, in short, is an injection of a mixture of different vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream. Because of the ability of the body to immediately absorb the nutrients through direct injection, IV therapy is considered to be the most effective way to receive the vitamins and minerals your body needs to perform at its best. IV therapy is known for providing rehydration, but the ability to personalize an IV drip with different vitamins has created the opportunity to use IV therapy for any variety of different reasons including reducing anxiety or depression symptoms, and safeguarding the body against the effects of stress. WellHealth Personalized IV therapy drips are given by licensed medical practitioners in a dedicated IV lounge, and are completely safe and effective in combatting minimal or chronic ailments.

How IV Therapy Helps with Work Stress

The cumulative capabilities of a few key vitamins and minerals are the reason that IV Therapy is so successful in reducing stress symptoms.

  • Vitamin B helps to support the regulation of your mood and energy levels, and is crucial in maintaining both emotional and mental health.
  • Vitamin C, in boosting immunity, can help to manage anxiety symptoms.
  • Magnesium, known as the ‘relaxation’ mineral, aids in mental and physical relaxation, thus also effectively reducing anxiety and depression symptoms.
  • Zinc, is a necessary component in producing serotonin, and so helps your body to combat anxiety and regulate mood.
  • And finally, and maybe most importantly, water! Dehydration can cause symptoms of depression, and so just simply hydrating can aid the brain in regulating mood and increasing energy levels.

Taking all of these supplements into your bloodstream will ensure you body is fully replenished with what it needs for increased mental clarity, elevated mood, and reduced stress. In combating stress in this way, you will find yourself able to improve your mental focus and concentration and see the physical difficulties of stress immediately subside. At the end of the day, taking that step to incorporate self-care and wellness practices into your routine will eliminate any heightened stress stemming from workplace stress, and allow an increased ability for your body to produce the energy you need to be your best self.

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By Dr. Abdul Ahad Hayee