Services / Wellness & Prevention

Here are all the ways we can help you

We focus on engaging you through modern approaches to identify risk areas before they become serious problems and to keep you feeling healthy

Being proactive in your healthcare is the best way to stay healthy. Consistent engagement with your care team, with recurring precision diagnostics will help you achieve sustainable wellness.

Health Screenings

WellHealth offers regular health screenings to detect and prevent any serious illnesses that can be treated with a specialized treatment plan developed by our primary care providers. Our providers will recommend specific screenings, immunizations, and tests based on your personal demographics.

Nutrition & Physical activity

We encourage healthy nutrition and regular physical activity. Whether your goal is to lose or gain weight, maintain your weight, or improve your health and lifestyle, we can create a specialized program that works for you and helps you achieve your desired outcomes.

We offer specific and specialized programs that help you stay healthy overall whether you have sleeping problems, mental health issues, concerns about nutrition and physical activity, or any chronic conditions.

Functional Medicine

At Wellhealth, we don’t just focus on the disease. The primary care poviders and nurse practioners that make up your care team are trained to look for root causes of illnesses and treating accordingly.

We have an individualized and holistic approach to medicine. At WellHealth, you come first, not your symptoms. Our team will evaluate you and your lifestyle as an individual to better understand the reasons behind your symptoms.

Functional medicine has shown to increase the quality of care and outcomes in healthcare. We want to make sure you are receiving the best care possible, using the most effective approaches.

Me experience was a great one. The office and rooms were very clean. The staff was friendly and accommodating to my needs as well as knowledgeable! Patricia my MA was wonderful and I didn’t even feel the shots when she gave them. Will recommend this place to everyone!

Las Colinas