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Non-surgical, physician-supervised weight loss programs. Our medical weight loss doctors offer individualized, custom weight loss solutions to help patients lose weight and keep it off

A more human, bias-free weightloss program.

Discover a new way to manage your weight with a program developed and personalized just for you

A more human weight loss program. Many factors impact a person's ability to lose weight such as lifestyle and behaviors, genetic predisposition, and the environment around them. Wellhealth has partnered with Enara Health to bring you the most advanced weight loss program in the country. Enara is customized for each individual, taking into account what and why you eat, your physical activity and overall lifestyle.

Offering science, technology, and a remarkable care team.

We start with science

The latest science says we need to think about weight loss in a completely different way. It’s not only about how much, what, and when you eat, but why you eat

Personalized with tech

Enara @ WellHealth has developed a proprietary algorithm that helps your providers use key insights from the app, your genes, blood work, medical and weight history to find a nutrition, exercise, and medication plan for you.

A customer-obsessed care team.

Experienced team members that are uniquely selected and trained to provide constant care for your personalized journey. They embody our mission to deliver world class, bias-free, counseling and support throughout this important journey.

Me experience was a great one. The office and rooms were very clean. The staff was friendly and accommodating to my needs as well as knowledgeable! Patricia my MA was wonderful and I didn’t even feel the shots when she gave them. Will recommend this place to everyone!

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