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Here are all the ways we can help you

For athletes, aspiring athletes, or those looking to stay fit, our sports performance program is designed to help you achieve optimal performance. We can help put you on a program that works for your body and your goals.

Our team is trained to assess and prevent sports related injury while improving your performance as an athlete.

We provide comprehensive care that will encompass all aspects of your life, focusing on your training and performance.

Whether you play sports professionally, or you’re an amateur athlete, the Wellhealth team will get you moving again.

Our providers are dedicated to providing comprehensive care to match your active lifestyle.

Sports Injury

At Wellhealth, we treat sports injuries with a completely comprehensive program that is tailored to your needs and preferences. With a combination of medications, physical therapy, sports nutrition, and pain management, our providers can get you back on the field in no time.

Me experience was a great one. The office and rooms were very clean. The staff was friendly and accommodating to my needs as well as knowledgeable! Patricia my MA was wonderful and I didn’t even feel the shots when she gave them. Will recommend this place to everyone!

Las Colinas