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Here are all the ways we can help you

A healthy heart is pivotal to your overall health- so we screen accordingly. By supplying oxygen and nutrients to organs and tissues, your heart works hard every day at sustaining life.

Identifying risk factors

Determining whether or not you’re susceptible to heart disease is crucial to treating or preventing it. Regular health screening, genetic testing, and collecting a comprehensive medical history are just some of the tools we use to determine your risk factors for heart disease.

Cardiovascular care

WellHealth has specified protocols for chronic-care, weightloss, and preventative care that will guide you towards a healthy heart and lifestyle.


Non-invasive and cutting edge technology

Using the advanced QuantFlo technology, we can determine the quality of blood circulation to your extremities. Using this technology we can detect arterial disease painlessly.

If you are susceptible to blood clots or arterial disease, QuantFlo is highly recommended to detect disease early-on.

Using innovative technology, we are able to determine your risk for arterial disease and cardiovascular disease in a simple, fast, and painless test.

Me experience was a great one. The office and rooms were very clean. The staff was friendly and accommodating to my needs as well as knowledgeable! Patricia my MA was wonderful and I didn’t even feel the shots when she gave them. Will recommend this place to everyone!

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