Seeing is Believing

Designed with your care top of mind

Intelligent aesthetics with clinical purpose.

We look and feel different, and that's by design. WellHealth has completely redesigned how our clinics look, feel, and operate. WellHealth has planned for every way patients interact with our clinics.

We've designed our waiting room as an experience and educational center where people can dive into our clinical programs and understand the program, diagnostics, supplements and products before ever seeing a provider.

Our space is visually appealing and operationally efficient. WellHealth has overhauled traditional clinic workflow to bring healthcare into the 21st century with multiple amenities you, as a consumer, deserve.

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Actually spend time with your provider

The average patient time with a provider is 7.5 minutes long. We believe it is impossible to practice effective medicine in that short timeframe and the root of all the downstream health and wellness issues. This frustrates you- and us.

Our providers spend and currently average 22.5 minutes of face time with our patients. You pay good money for your benefits, you should be able to meaningfully utilize them.

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Outdated Productivity Metrics vs. WellHealth Metrics

By design, other large providers have to see a lot of patients and use a metric called RVUs to measure productivity. Our approach is different: It's about quality, not quantity. Our providers are compensated based on a proprietary healthcare loyalty metric to ensure you are happy and taken care of. We want you to come in. Ask questions. Research. And come back in and ask more questions.

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Financial Transparency

Partnering with WellPay

We believe in making access to quality healthcare available and affordable for everyone. Because we take care of each other, we are better together.

64 Million

Americans have medical debt and are increasingly struggling with the cost of healthcare.


of bankruptcy filings are caused by medical debt.

1 in 3

Americans delay care because they worry about cost.


Americans file for bankruptcy due to medical issues and bills.

This was by far the easiest medical process I have ever used, thank you!

Serena, from San Francisco, California