Helping you stay
healthy after COVID

With the lingering effects of COVID-19 still unknown, we believe anyone who has tested positive deserves better continuous care.

Continuous Care for
COVID Positive Patients

Catered for every patient to ensure they can get through COVID, manage infection, and minimize lingering effects.

Begins with a

Though your test result is positive, WellHealth will help you get through the next 10-14 days.

Book a COVID

Your provider will work with you to come up with a tailored COVID care plan based on your symptoms.

A Healthy

Symptoms management, monitoring, and provider check-ins will help you manage your health and minimize the effects of COVID.

Virtual Visits Available
Covered by the CARES Act

COVID Follow-up Care

COVID can impact numerous important systems including respiratory, cardiovascular & neurological systems. Based on specific symptoms, WellHealth's medical team will recommend certain specific protocols to ensure optimal health after COVID.

COVID Follow-up Care

Cardiovascular Care

A substantial number of patients suffer long-term damage to their hearts after COVID. WellHealth's team can assess and recommend certain tests such as an EKG and an ultrasound video of your heart, called an echocardiogram, to help ensure no damage is being done to the heart

WellHealth recommends an EKG and an ultrasound video of your heart, called an echocardiogram, to assess your heart health.

COVID Follow-up Care

Pulmonary Care

Many patients develop chronic lung disease as a result of COVID. WellHealth will measure your lung functioning through Pulmonary Function Testing.

We can also determine if any of your lung problems are due to allergies by testing your allergy sensitivity to over 50 food and environmental allergens through Allergy Testing.

COVID Follow-up Care

Blood Circulation

There are several reports of patients developing inflammation leading to blood clotting, which can lead to severe pain, paralysis, or even a stroke.

WellHealth will order the appropriate blood studies and circulation studies, like vascular ultrasounds or a Ankle-Brachial Index, an effective peripheral artery disease test available in our clinics.

COVID Follow-up Care

Weight Loss

Being overweight increases the risk of severe COVID-19 and possible death, including in young patients. After COVID, the diseases mentioned above are also worsened in patients who are overweight. Additionally, the stay-at-home orders and social isolation lead to the worsening of normal healthy weight control habits. COVID-19 and obesity are a vicious circle for the patient recovering.

WellHealth has partnered with Enara Health to bring you the most advanced weight loss program in the country. Enara is customized for each individual, taking into account what and why you eat, your physical activity and overall lifestyle.

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